Yebisu’s cold-detecting beer cans

Nothing says, “Thanks, Dad,” like a perfectly chilled beer.

With Mother’s Day having come and gone, it’s time to start thinking about the dads and father figures of the world. Some of them might be hard to buy for and there are so many gifts to choose from, but we’ve got a new special gift that you can add to the list: cans of Yebisu beer that change color.

As a special treat for Father’s Day, Yebisu, a division of Sapporo, is producing a limited-time can that features a necktie and a rose on it. When the beer is room temperature (the wrong temperature), they remain white, but cool the can to below 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), and the tie and rose turn a manly shade of pink. This Yebisu beer contains 5% alcohol.

If you are a father, you know your heart melts a little bit when your loved one brings you a nice cold brew. Now you can know for certain that it’s just the right temperature. But be sure to specify that you want the beer with the pink tie and rose, or else you might end up with an actual pink tie and flowers — and those contain exactly zero percent alcohol.

Source: Entabe

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